The Influence of Hyaluronic Acid Biofunctionalization of a Bovine Bone Substitute on Osteoblast Activity In Vitro

Kyyak S, Pabst A, Heimes D, Kämmerer PW. (2021) Materials (Basel). May 27;14(11):2885.

The goal of the study was to investigate the effect of cerabone® plus (cerabone® granules mixed with hyaluronate) on viability, migratory activity and proliferation of human osteoblasts. To study the effect of the hyaluronate in cerabone® plus, cerabone® was used as a control.


Human osteoblasts were cultured in the presence of one of the two bone grafting materials or alone. Cell viability and cell migration were assessed using immunofluorescence imaging and scratch wound assay respectively. Cell proliferation was analyzed by MTT assay. Parameters were evaluated at days 3, 7 and 10 post-incubation.


  • Highest cell viability in the cerabone® plus group at all time points
  • Hyaluronic acid additively activated cell migration ability through the whole period
  • cerabone® plus significantly increased cell proliferation with the highest values at all time points


Hyaluronic acid biofunctionalization of cerabone® caused an increased activity of human osteoblasts as demonstrated by higher cell biological activities for cerabone® plus as compared to cerabone®.