cerabone® plus

Natural Bovine Bone Substitute Material WITH HYALURONATE 
For Filling Bone Defects


    How did you hydrate cerabone® plus?

    According to the protocolPatient bloodiPRFEmdogain®other

    What volume of liquid did you use for hydration?

    According to the protocolLessMore

    Did you mix with other bone grafting materials?


    If yes, in which ratio?

    cerabone® plus [%]
    other [%]

    How would you rate the process of hydration?

    (1 being the most challenging; 10 being the easiest)

    How would you rate the application in comparison to conventional particulate bone grafting materials?

    More challengingSimilarEasierMuch easier

    How would you rate the initial healing of the soft tissue (within the first 2 weeks)?

    (1 being poor; 10 being excellent)

    Compared to the patient’s response to your usual bone grafting material, did you observe differences when using cerabone® plus (e.g. less pain, reduced use of analgesics in comparison to the treatment with other particulate bone grafting materials)?